Monuments from China - wholesale


In search of a reliable partner, a company, that main experience is creation of stone products for various purposes and complexity, you can spend more than a month, and even years… Especially, when  numbers of different lucrative offers just roll over. In the end, you can just stop paying attention to companies that offer "the most reliable cooperation", "lowest price", "fastest delivery" and so on... And that is right.

  • Well, really… If you need a really high-quality products - what you are looking for the lowest prices? Just to once again make sure that the free cheese only in a mousetrap?
  • The fastest delivery can not be faster than ships carrying your container or train, which brings to you your valuable (and fragile) goods. Why listen to excuses of suppliers, has promised mountains of gold, but it could not keep its promises.And it's very usual situation.
  • The most reliable cooperation... And how cooperation can be not reliable? If any side trying to cheat - it's not a cooperation at all.

You may be confused about the fact that our company is located in China.

But where else to be a company that is working with Chinese stone? You can work with middlemen. A lot of them can do it. But our company is offering to work directly. Without trade organizations and unnecessary overpayments - and that's a plus. As negative side - we do not have  local phones in every country, communication usually occurs either through international calls (which are pretty expensive), or e-mail and Skype.

But dealing with the manufacturer, you may at any time be able to find out in what state your order is, you will not have to wait for a response for several days until middlemen will contact the manufacturer, and he in turn to respond. The fewer links in the chain - the faster your work will be ready.

You don't have e-mail and (or) Skype?

Despite the fact that we advise you to use them, this obstacle can be overcome, too. Leave us your contact information in the form to send a message and we will contact you.

You have a special order? Or you do not want to spend time checking our catalogue?

No problem! Send us an e-mail with information about the order and we will reply to you shortly. Or, as mentioned above, you do not have an e-mail - you can use the contact form, which you can attach files to your request or order.

Import / Export

If you have a problem with paperwork, or if you are new to the import of goods, and in this case,there is no reason to worry. Our long experience in international trade will be your benefit! We will help you with this paperwork, so you can easily receive goods at your side.

Moreover, we work with many companies that provide logistics services worldwide. If you're interested - we can recommend you some of them.


We also believe that it is better to talk honestly about guarantees:

1. We did not sign a contract unless we are sure that we can manufacture the products in time. If you will need monuments, ready to "yesterday" - we're sorry, for we don't have a time machine.

2. On average, making one container will take about 15 days to finish the products. Wagon - 25-30 days. But due to various circumstances, time limits may be increased. And we try to tell about it in advance, not when it is close to the delivery time. In such situations, we will try our best to looking for ways to solve the problems;

3. Our experience with the products of stone - more than 15 years. Here you can learn the history of our company. Over the years, our customers are happy with the results, which built good reputation to our company. So that enough to make you confident in our abilities.

Factory visit

In addition, we welcome all our customers to visit the factory before taking the first order. We would like to offer the most convenient way to arrange your visit, such as helping you to book hotel, find interpreters if you are not familiar with English,etc. So what you should do is only to contact us in advance.

You dont have time to visit?

It's sad, but we can order a sample of stone, and we will send it to you by express delivery, all the samples are free of charge. This is insufficient to understand our potential, but we hope you will appreciate this sign as an offer reliable and long-term cooperation. This is exactly what our company values ​​above all else.

What are the benefits to working with us?

First, our extensive experience in international trade can be the first advantage. You can be sure that all documents are issued correctly and safely you received for your products.

Second, our experience of working with stone, as has been said - more than 15 years. We do know how to work with stone.

Third, you work with the production, by passing the chain of intermediaries. Therefore - you save your money, time and nerves. No one will throw the blame to the "blame on others."

And in conclusion...

Due to the fact that we have a good production capacity, we advise you not to hesitate and send your inquiry now. We plan our work, and the sooner we can start our cooperation - the sooner we can put the production of your products "on fast rails".